Abstract: Informative system is a most important thing which provides up-to-date information without much effort. In the normal notice board, a separate person is required to take care of this notices, but our main aim is to provide green environment and to provide ease of use. This project is about advanced wireless notice board. The project is built around ARM controller raspberry-pi which is heart of the system. In this system, the user may interact with the system and can get the information from the Informative system via the mobile application. The admin will provide the information, and the user can view the information from the system by interacting with the system through mobile application. This informative system was developed using the open source software's and this makes informative system cheaper when compared to the other system. This interactive and informative system can be used for commercial purposes such as shopping malls, Railway stations, airports and also for the Educational purposes. This informative System uses internet connection for client and server communication which makes communication faster.

Keywords: raspberry-pi, Interactive and Informative Digital Board, mobile application.