Abstract: IoT has emerged as a new concept for smart- security oriented system. IoT is basically connecting embedded devices to internet. IoT includes embedded devices along with software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity to collect and exchange data across the network. IoT has become an integral part in security domain. Bluetooth technology from mobile combined with real time monitoring system can be used for security and automation. Instead of using traditional locking system (ex. key-lock), Bluetooth can be used as an alternative. Bluetooth can be used for securing portals like doors, lockers, etc. but Bluetooth can be spoofed. To overcome this, two way authentication can be introduced where first step will be Bluetooth pairing, second will be answering a predefined question via Morse code interface and also using an authenticator generating time based code. This will reduce the chance of Bluetooth spoofing and provide better security in the field of IoT.

Keywords: Door Locking System, Sensor, GSM, Bluetooth, Embedded System.