Abstract: The importance given to security in every Internet application is an unblemished spur to contribute in the turf of Information Safety. The evolution of digital data transaction in E-way is expanding, data safety is emerging with much more importance in data storage and broadcast. To defend the data against various attacks and eavesdropping we use a procedure known as Encryption which protects the data. To accomplish this, Encryption algorithms serve a fundamental role in proficient information security structures. Symmetric key algorithms are stereotypically effective and serve to be the fastest cryptosystem and hence have crucial applications in many territories. Selective cryptography is a novel drift in protecting the data. It targets at dropping the volume of data to be encrypted however it aims to attain a satisfactory and economical security. This methodology is predominantly anticipated in controlled communication such as in real time applications with delay limitations, mobile communication with restricted computational power and so on. In this paper, we present the perception of encryption using AES algorithm and selective encryption and the propose a new selective encryption method which is constructed on symmetric key. By exploiting a new probabilistic approach, a sender embraces appropriate ambiguity in the procedure of data encryption, so that only consigned recipient can recover the original data and other illegal systems have no acquaintance of the total conveyed communication. By reducing the amount of encryption i.e. Selective Encryption is a very useful method for the different data formats such as text, video and audio content. This paper discusses the importance of Probabilistic Selective Encryption, their role in ensuring the strength of a cipher system and finally describes a new approach of Encryption using enhanced AES based Selective Encryption.

Keywords: Encryption, Decryption, Cryptography, Advanced Encryption standard (AES), Symmetric Encryption, Asymmetric Encryption.