Abstract: "TAK" is a conceptual technique two player game, which has as of late picked up ubiquity in the gaming group because of its beginning in a Fantasy Novel and because of its Kickstarter crusade. It is a Zero-Sum, Perfect-Information game. A zero-whole game is a scientific portrayal of a circumstance in which every member's pick up (or misfortune) of utility is precisely adjusted by the misfortunes (or increases) of the utility of the other member. In the event that every player, when settling on any choice, is superbly educated of the considerable number of occasions that have beforehand happened, it is known as an immaculate data game. Because of these properties, we can actualize essential AI calculations, as Minimax and Alpha-beta look based calculations for "TAK". "TAK" Community is consistently developing and dissimilar to chess there hasn't been a great deal of consideration given to "TAK" AI. A similar investigation of AI Algorithms will help future "TAK" AI designers to make an AI program all the more proficiently.

Keywords: Abstract strategy, board game, perfect information, TAK, zero-sum.