Abstract: The comprehension of atom-world has always been the focus and the challenge of chemistry learning. Junior high school studentís imaginative abilities are not yet mature. As a result, they are not able to visualize structures correctly during the beginning stage of chemistry learning. The Augmented Reality application of Chemistry in AR has its own features, teaching information capacity, interactive user interface. Through Augmented Reality, an application will be developed which will help the students to easily visualize the 3D structure of an element or a molecule. Students could control, combine and interact with a 3D model of micro-particles using markers. It will also help the student to visualize and understand the chemical reactions by combination of two or more elements or molecules. The chemistry modelling and spatial arrangement of molecular structures in space can be understood using 3D objects. It enables user to interact with virtual and real world in real time application.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Unity 3D, Vuforia SDK, Multimedia Technology, Chemistry learning.