Abstract: This paper is a review of existing face detection and recognition which is conducted to investigate the result of different approaches in terms of recognition accuracy and some of them are discussed for minimizing processing time point of view. The goal of this paper is to present a critical survey of existing literature on human face recognition. This paper is having two level security which makes the security stronger and reliable. In turn, this give the user more control. In past days, the research is gone on various door lock security systems like traditional security systems which provide indication using alarms. Due to the advancement in recent techniques, some door lock security systems are based on PROTEUS, GSM, GPS, many sensors, iris recognition, software like MATLAB, microcontroller, biometrics like face recognition, face detection, RFID and smart cards. This paper is basically comprised of three subsystems Face detection, Face recognition and automatic door access control.

Keywords: Face recognition, detection, PCA, MATLAB, biomatrics, GSM, GPS.