Abstract: In the present age of technology where the Internet is the foremost necessity, the able working of Internet is the key concern. The main disadvantage faced on the Internet is the security of the data and other security constraints. One of the most known threats is Dynamic Denial of Service (DDoS) where the server is burdened with data which causes it to not respond to other userís requests. This key issue is tackled till present day with the help of various techniques, one of the most prominent among being the Packet Marking. Deterministic Parking Marking (DPM) is the method which is used to mark the packets which are transmitted through the Internet. DPM, when used along with the Mark on Demand Servers, increases the possibility of easy and efficient detection of the DDoS attacks faced on the servers. We discuss the methods using .NET framework to identify the traffic sources and identify the physical address of the attacker for prevention and safety.

Keywords: DDoS attack, Denial of Service, Detectors, Deterministic Packet Marking, DPM, IP header marking, Mark on Demand, Packet Marking.