Abstract: Each and every physical action we make is provoked by the neural course of action in human brain. With the correct apparatus and contemporary advancement or improvement in both the fields of cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging mechanism. This has drive to tremendous and accelerated growing field of brain computer interface (BCI). The BCI benefits or supports physically disabled, aged or unblessed people to make the use of the devices and application through their mental or cerebral exercise. Remarkably people conclude that BCI is a boon for physically challenged persons anguish from serious neuromuscular disorders. So in this paper, we evolve a BCI technology that control the home appliance for physically disabled or aged people. The EEG study conception has been applied to control the home appliance such as light or fan automatically that is without doing any physical movement from the place to electrical switch board for immobile persons. The EEG signals are catched from the subject brain activity using “NEUROSKY MINDWAVE MOBILE” EEG sensor which is implanted at the FP1 location of the subject forehead. The depacking and processing of the EEG signals and eye blink data from the raw EEG brain signals is done by using LabVIEW software from which composed signal is generated to control the home appliance. Micro-controller is used to control the relay drive circuitry to handle the on/off switching of the home appliance.

Keywords: LabVIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench), Electroencephalography (EEG),Brain computer interface (BCI),Eye Blinks, Neurosky Mindwave Mobile, Micro-controller.