Abstract: Driverís invigilance is an important cause for most mishap related to the vehicles crashes. Drivers fatigue resulting from sleep impoverishment or sleep disorders is an important factor in the increasing number of the mishap on todayís roads. Dozy driver alert system can form the basis of the system to possibly decrease the mishap related to driverís doziness. The aim of such a system is to accomplish revelation of driver fatigue by placing the camera inside the car, we can keep track of the face of the driver and look for the eye-motion which point out that the driver is no longer in condition to drive. In such a case, a alert signal should be issued. We also illustrate a method that can incline if the eyes are open or closed. The main principle of this system is that it must be highly non-invasive and it should start easily when the key is put in ignition and engine starts and car should run smoothly, without having at the driver begin the system. A dozy driver alert system using image processing as well as accelerometer is propounded in this paper.

Keywords: Dozy Driver Alert System, Image Processing, Driverís invigilance, Vehicles Crashes.