Abstract: Now an afternoon’s cloud computing is used in lots of areas like industry, military schools etc to storing large amount of statistics. We are able to retrieve facts from cloud on request of person. To shop records on cloud we should face many troubles .To offer the answer to those troubles there are n wide variety of ways .Cryptography and steganography techniques are more popular now a day’s for facts safety. Use of a unmarried algorithm isn't effective for high degree safety to data in cloud computing. On this paper we have introduced new security mechanism the usage of symmetric key cryptography set of rules and steganography .in this proposed gadget AES set of rules are used to offer block sensible safety to records. This set of rules key length is 128 bit.. LSB steganography method is introduced for key information security. Key statistics includes which part of file is encrypted the usage of by which set of rules and key .file is splited into 8 parts. Each and each a part of record is encrypted using extraordinary set of rules. All parts of file are encrypted concurrently with the assist of multithreading technique. Records encryption Keys are inserted into cowl photo the use of LSB approach. Stego picture is ship to valid receiver the use of e-mail .For record decryption reason opposite manner of encryption is applied.

Keywords: Privacy Preserving, AES Algorithm, Hash Code, Encryption, Cloud Computing, Integrity.