Abstract: In general, all the keypad based authentication system having several possibilities of password guessing by means of shoulder movements. Shoulder-surfing is an attack on password authentication that has traditionally been hard to defeat. This problem has come up with a new solution. Devising a user authentication scheme based on personal identification numbers that is both secure and practically usable is a challenging problem. The greatest difficulty lies with the susceptibility of the entry process to direct observational attacks, such as human shoulder-surfing and camera-based recording. password entry mechanism is widely used for authenticating a user. It is a popular scheme because it nicely balances the usability and security aspects of a system. However, if this scheme is to be used in a public system then the scheme may suffer from shoulder surfing attack. In this attack, an unauthorized user can fully or partially observe the login session. Even the activities of the login session can be recorded which the attacker can use it later to get the actual password. In this paper, we propose an intelligent user interface, known as Color Pass to resist the shoulder surfing attack so that any genuine user can enter the session without disclosing the actual password. The Color Pass is based on a partially observable attacker model. The experimental analysis shows that the Color Pass interface is safe and easy to use even for novice users.

Keywords: Shoulder Surfing Attack, User Interface.