Abstract: A Digital Signal Processing is a main branch of electronics. In the digital control system, which is mixed in the input signal, has a great influence on the performance of the system. Therefore, processing of input signal has to be done to get useful signal. It is concerned with the representation by sequence of number or symbol and the processing of these signals. DSP have many more applications which are useful in our life i.e military processing of these signals. DSP have many more radar signal processing, sonar signal processing, navigation, instrument and control spectrum analysis etc. Signal filtering is the main application of DSP. In signal processing, a filter is a device or process that removes some unwanted components or features from a signal. In this we discuss about High Pass FIR filter using Rectangular, Hamming and Bartlett window techniques. By comparative analysis of these window techniques we conclude that Rectangular window technique is better in comparison with them techniques. In this technique the maximum wanted signals are present after cut off frequency.

Keywords: DSP, Digital Filter, FIR filter, Blackman, Rectangular, MATLAB.