Abstract: Healthcare is the most important concern of many countries in the world. Improving the lives of patients especially in the weaker parts of the society which include the elderly, physically and mentally disabled as well as the chronically ill patients is the major factor to be improved. E-Health systems depending on modern technology play a vital role in eradicating the problems and faster curing of the patients. Also, lot of advancement has been done in order to improve the systems in various terms of size, speed mobility and faster communication in emergency situations. New health monitoring systems have proved to be of great help to the healthcare of the patients. But the major constraint of this system is that patients are supposed to be bed fitted and kept in the smart rooms and are immobile. The proposed system uses mobile devices and wireless sensor networks for real time monitoring and analysis of the patientís health parameters and in return provide medication. It is easy for doctors and the caregivers to immediately act in emergency cases, and also to provide medication depending on the health parameters without the physical presence of the doctors. The system is such that, remote monitoring of patients can be done by diagnosis of the patients with the help of the environmental and medical sensors. The sensor monitors the health of patients and in real time and the collected data is sent to server. This data is received by the doctors and caregivers through server which is analyzed by the doctors. The server helps to store the data, medical history of the patient for future use. The system architecture is such that the patients can be monitored and treated privately at home. This system also helps in handling multiple patients at a time in the hospitals as well as the public health care units and we can see the analysis in graph on the basis of sensor reading history.

Keywords: IoT, e-Health, m-Health, Body Sensor, Communication Architecture, Continuous assessment.