Abstract: Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) ambush is one of the majorly recorded assaults in personal computer safety. Man-In-The-Middle aims at a certain info which passes among two end terminals, and privacy and righteousness of the data. We tend to broadly study the writings on Man In The Middle to scrutinize and reach the range of Man-In-The-Middle blitz, taking into account the referral model in the similar way as OSI design and also taking into consideration of two set of widely utilized networking technologies that is the Global System for Mobile and Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.In particular the Man-In-The-Middle assaults can be occurred due to the criteria like location of the sender, receiver and the attacker according to the channel of communication, the type of transmission and the spoofing techniques and provide implementation for the all possible Man-In-The-Middle groups. We draw the resemblance by understanding the pros and cons of the existing methods which prevent attacks. Eventually, according to our analysis we provide a system which gives the secured information and reduced attacks.

Keywords: Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack, GSM, UMTS, OSI model.