Abstract: With the rising power of innovation, we can finish things at a substantially faster rate. We have at the touch of a button access to large amounts of information due to the capability of computers and the Internet. Not only technology has given us more information, but also has given us the ability to communicate, organize, and manage our time. Smartphones are handheld faster processing devices that are becoming more popular as the means by which everyone manages personal information, accesses and enters corporate data, and mines the richness of the web. The aim of this paper is to design the secure Home automation system which is accessed from global position. In this proposed system raspberry pi is used as gateway between web dashboard and actual system devices as well as sensors. For faster communication point of view in this system MQTT protocol is used which access the sensors data and devices from anywhere in the world. Sensors and devices are communicating to the raspberry pi through the wired connection.

Keywords: MQTT, Raspberry pi, COAP, IOT, Home Automation.