Abstract: The success of an academic institution can be measured in terms of quality of education provides to its students. In the education system, highest level of quality is achieved by exploring the data relating to redirection about students performance. These days the lack of existing system to analyse and judge the students performance and progress isnít being addressed. There are 2 reasons why this is often happening. First, the present system is not accurate to predict studentsí performance. Second, because of shortage of consideration of some vital factor those are affecting studentsí performance. Predicting studentsí performance is more challenging task as a result of large amount of information in academic database. This proposed system can help to predict studentsí performance more accurately. For these suitable data mining approach will be applied. In this approach, preprocessing step will be applied to raw dataset so that the mining algorithm will be applied properly. The prediction about studentsí performance can help him/her to enhance the performance.

Keywords: Education, student, performance, data mining, pre-processing, database, prediction.