Abstract: Holistic education is a philosophy of education, based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community. The major aim of our proposal is to introduce the IoT concept in schooling, for enhancing the performance metrics of young wards, as well as making the learning process enthusiastic and amusing. At the same time, it promises to reduce the burden of a tutor, by ensuring that the performance acquisition & analysis of students is automated, by means of IoT based wearable devices. The tutor will be provided with the ease of identifying a child, who finds difficulty in the learning process and steps regarding knowledge improvement can be taken. It aims to nurture the self confidence in young learners, who have not responded well to the traditional methodology. The children will be entrusted with the art of learning a foreign language, with the help of IoT enabled objects and devices, through the task-based learning approach.

Keywords: IoT, RFID tags, Task based learning, Wearable device.