Abstract: To reduce the wait times and uncertainties of citizens travelling through public transportation system such as bus. To give better services by providing real time bus location as well as passenger count to the user and analysis of transit service performance using classification. In this fast life, everyone is in hurry to reach their destinations. In this case waiting for the buses is not reliable. People who rely on the public transport their major concern is to know the real time location of the bus for which they are waiting for and the time it will take to reach their bus stop. This information helps people in making better travelling decisions. This project provides the user with a user friendly GUI wherein he/she can get information about the real time location of the bus and also availability of bus for a particular route along with passenger count inside the bus. The real time location of the bus is tracked using GPS system of an android phone and the passenger count is obtained using IR Sensors which is fitted inside the bus at the front and rear doors. The data from this transit system can be analysed to discover patterns and useful information .Problem faced by the public transport organizations can be solved by using data mining technique. Service performance analysis based on historical data will help organizations to improve their functioning and efficiency. The analysis of gathered data, would help organizations to predict rush on particular routes and handle the same. This may also help redesign and improve the existing transportation policies.

Keywords: GPS; location tracking; real time location; android; smart phone; IR Sensor; classification Knn; data mining.