Abstract: Digital filtering plays a significant role in the world of technology. This paper deals with the design of finite impulse response digital filter using window techniques. Here various windows are compared and demonstration of the best window is done, which is the one with minimum side lobes. This paper presents the importance of filter in signal processing. Digital filter are two type 1. FIR and 2. IIR. These are various methods for filter designing. This paper discuss the window method low pass fir filter designing Hamming, Kaiser and Blackman window function methods are presented. Design of FIR filter is done in MATLAB by FDATOOL low pass filter is designed with sampling frequency 48000Hz and cut-off frequency 10000Hz magnitude, phase impulse, step response and pole, zero plot. We found that filter designing by window method is easy and fast.

Keywords: FIR, Digital filter, DSP, low pass filter, window function, MATLAB, FDATOOL in MATLAB, Hamming window, Kaiser Window and Blackman Window techniques.