Abstract: Protein-Protein interaction interface database (PPIIDB) is developing on the basis of cellular and biological processes of protein-protein interaction interfaces of protein network. PPIIDB is collection of dataset of PPII of Breast cancer of Homosapience which developed on the basis of various parameters such as such as Accessible Surface Area (ASA), Buried Surface Area (BSA), Binding energy (?G), Cluster Coefficient (CC), Connectivity, Degree of node or Degree of network, Euclidean Distance between interacted proteins, Network Interaction Modularity (Im), size of interface or Voronoi Interface Area (VIA), Significant Connected Component (SCC), Scoring Function, Combine Association Score (CAS), Surface shell (No of Surface Shell Residue, Surface Shell Area),interface face (no. of Interface Residue, Interface Area), Interior core (No of Interior Residue, Interior Area), Resolution, length etc.

Keywords: ppiidb, ppiidatabase, ppii, Protein-Protein Interaction, ppiidbpn, Protein Interface.