Abstract: The aim of this study is to introduce the local PV-wind hybrid systemís working principle by reviewing one case where the system is connected to the grid. The thermal power stations are causing pollution which severely affects mankind and nature. These power stations result in causing many diseases. Also natural resources like coal, oil,radio-active materials etc will get extinct in near future. The other existing power generating systems like Hydro-Electricity power generating plant cannot afford much power as it is season based, although it causes less pollution. Therefore, it is of great urgency to go for non conventional energy resources. In recent years, environmental friendly technological solutions are becoming more prominent as a result of concern over the state of our deteriorating planet. The main purpose of this hybrid wind-solar energy system is to meet our daily demand effectively and to get an uninterrupted power supply from any one of the natural source either wind or solar or both. The hybrid model is designed using Cuk-SEPIC fused convertors and the performances are analyzed. Due to the inherent nature of this Cuk-SEPIC fused convertors, we get optimum efficiency Simulation results are given to highlight the merits of the proposed circuit. To ful fill the challenging demands of the growing grid, new concepts of the inverters are needed. Inthis project a reduced switch modular inverter design is detailed. A modular inverter design is presented for a modern power system which inputs power from both AC andDC Renewable Sources.

Keywords: Hybrid System, multi winding transformer, cuk-sepic convertors, modular inverter; MATLAB/SIMULINK.