Abstract: Internet of things. The term Internet of Things was used by Kevin Ashton in 1999. IOT is like a vehicle used to as a “Smart Devices” and other items like Electronics, softwares.IOT words was Invented from a two words “Internet ”and “Things”. Internet is a vast network. The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the protocol to link devices. Internet is used in daily life to communicate, search information etc. things means important information or devices. In recent days a population is gained day by a day and smart cities have gained popularity. In this paper we present a “IOT BASED TICKET CHECKING SYSTEM”. This system is consist of an IOT module that is used to check the tickets of passenger in trains. This system describes the whole architecture of a train system.

Keywords: IOT, Passengers, Smart cities, Smart transport, Ticket checking, passengers, safety.