Abstract: For security purposes every application provides user authentication. In user authentication the process which we have to pass through is username and password. Authentication process divided into Token based authentication, Biometric based authentication and Knowledge based authentication. Most of the web application provides knowledge based authentication which include alphanumeric password as well as graphical password. In today’s changing world when we are having number of networks and personal accounts some sort of easy authentication scheme needs to be provided. In this we provide the image based authentication that can do login. Password image is generated and it will be downloaded from the email which is stored at the time of registration. Every time the image will be unique. In this system the OTP based authentication is also used. In this system the data file that will be transferred within this web portal will be embedded using image as key into the video file and sender sends this file to the receiver and the receiver extracts the data file by using the image as a key.

Keywords: Visual Cryptography, Encryption/Decryption, Steganography, DCT, K-N Algorithm, Watermarking, AES Algorithm.