Abstract: Load balancing is a crucial problem in mobile ad hoc networks. Many conventional routing protocols that are developed are not having functionality of coping up load balancing. Hence several kinds of approaches are followed in the design and development of load balancing routing protocols. This paper aims to survey research articles pertaining to load balancing research problem in mobile ad hoc networks. An ad_hoc network is the cooperative engagement of a collection of mobile nodes without the required intervention of any centralized access point or existing infrastructure. In this paper we present Ad_hoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV), a novel algorithm for the operation of such ad_hoc networks. Each Mobile Host operates as a specialized router and routes are obtained as needed on demand with little or no reliance on periodic advertisements. AODV provides loop free routes even while repairing broken links. Because the protocol does not require global periodic routing advertisements, the demand on the overall bandwidth available to the mobile nodes is substantially less than in those protocols that do necessitate such advertisements.

Keywords: Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV), MANET, peer-to-peer, topology, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking.