Abstract: In multihop wireless networks, route stability is very challenging task and major research problem. The routes in this network are frequently breaks presence of malicious nodes, faulty nodes, or due to lack of energy of intermediate nodes. Hence there should be the hybrid approach in which route stability should be achieved by considering all the causes of frequent routes failure. In this paper, the novel secure and load balanced E-STAR (LBE-STAR) for HMWNs. LBE-STAR E-STAR trust method and payment systems with a trust-based and energy-aware routing protocol along with load balancing algorithm. LBE-STAR is based on existing E-STAR routing protocol with contribution of efficient load balancing functionality. The payment system based on rewards and changes in which nodes that relay others’ packets are rewarded and charge those that send packets. The trust system evaluates the nodes’ reliability and competence in relaying packets in terms of multi-dimensional trust values. The load balancing is achieved by using disjoint path communication approach. In this paper, two variants of LBE-STAR algorithm proposed such as LB-SRR (shortest reliable route) and LB-BAR (Best Available Route). Overall objective of designing the LBE-STAR routing protocol is to achieve the security, reliability and load balancing in multihop wireless networks.

Keywords: Securing heterogeneous multihop wireless networks, packet dropping and sel?shness attacks, trust systems, load balanced and secure routing protocols.