Abstract: Cloud computing is growing now days, all physical systems are going to be history in coming years as cloud computing provides the virtualize framework of all i.e. software, hardware etc. The one of the most efficient use of cloud is data storage on cloud server on pay as you go scheme. But as its good to hear there are some challenging aspects behind this cloud data storage as per end users perspective. How end users know their data is secure on cloud server? How they satisfied that the data is not tampered and successfully updated after performing some operation over it? Here the Trusted Third Party auditor comes in picture and using auditing framework he satisfy end users that there data is secure over server and successfully updated. Thus, an efficient and secure dynamic auditing protocol is desired to convince data owners that the data are correctly stored in the cloud. In this paper, we first design an auditing framework for cloud storage systems and propose an efficient and privacy-preserving auditing protocol. Then, we extend our auditing protocol to support the data dynamic operations, which is efficient and provably secure in the random oracle mode.

Keywords: Cloud computing, dynamic auditing, privacy-preserving auditing, batch auditing, Storage auditing.