Abstract: In the current computing world, machine based data innovations have been broadly used to help numerous associations, individual businesses, scholarly and training establishments to deal with their procedures and data frameworks. Data frameworks are utilized to keep an eye on information. A general information administration framework that is prepared to do dealing with a few sorts of information, data stored in the database is known as Database Management System (DBMS). Accumulations of enormous, extensive text based Information contain huge measure of organized data, which remains unstructured content. Important data is constantly hard to find in these documents. In this paper we proposed a novel approach that encourages the era of the organized metadata by recognizing records that are prone to contain data of investment and this data is going to be helpful for questioning the database. Here individuals will lying on your front to allot metadata identified with records which they transfer which will effortlessly help the clients in recovering the records.

Keywords: Collaborative Adaptive Data sharing platform (CADS), Annotation, metadata, structured information, queries.