Abstract: Social Media is a platform where people socialize virtually. There are several social media platforms such as Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more which are all used to acquaint with people across the globe by sharing their lifestyle status, Opinions, interests and also to create Awareness amongst each other. Social Media has impacted modern World on a very high scale. It can also be called as a first ever virtual creation that has revolutionized the world by Toppling governments; by keeping people on toes regarding day to day news, fashion, trends; by Sharing information's, bold facts which never reached common man in the recorded history. It is also providing a voice to common man which he/she never realized that he/she ever had. Human race has never been this aware; never pushed its potential to this extent. Never were our lives this easier, aware and revolutionary. Although there are several factors that made this world as it is today, it's evident that Social Media is to be thanked the most. As people are sharing pretty much everything about themselves with each other over the servers using social media platforms, their data's are stored in the databases which are hawked by corporate companies to promote their products by Mining, analyzing, predicting the data in the database. Sports Brand like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Puma use this data from different social media such as Facebook, Instagram to promote their product using the users search site records. This paper proposes a framework to develop a Social Media which is exclusively staunched to a distinct domain such as Sports, Fashion, Music which makes mining of data and promoting of products efficient without much hassle. Proposed Framework is further narrowed down to Sports domain for better understanding of the framework that's been explained.

Keywords: Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Advertisement, Promotion, Platform, data Mining, Interests, Hassle Free, Under Armour, Nike, Sports, Tournament Bizz, Sponsor.