Abstract: In today’s world, cloud service providers offers highly handy storage and as well as bulky parallel computing re-sources at nearly low costs. As cloud computing has become frequent, an ever increasing amount of data is stored in the cloud and shared by users with particular benefits. It defines the access rights which are safeguard for stored data. One of the tough challenge of cloud storage services is the administration of data which is increasing day by day. For the better preservation of data security, this project makes the first pursuit for technically inscribing the question of endorsement of data deduplication. Outstanding from all the other classic deduplication systems, the differential privileges of users are further taken in application in duplicate check keeping the data separate. We also present many innovative deduplication constructions which supports authorized duplicate check in an architecture of hybrid cloud. We are developing an advanced scheme for supporting stronger security by encryption of the file with different privilege keys. In this way, the users without correspondence of privileges do not perform the duplicate check. Security analysis shows that our system is secure in terms of the definitions which are specified in the system which is proposed.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Security, Deduplication, Encryption Decryption Technology.