Abstract: Compilers are used to run the programs and convert them from text format to executable format. Once a program is compiled it becomes platform dependent and the same program code cannot be carried to multiple systems. A compiler which is to be installed manually on every system requires a lot of space. It is also not easy to carry the same program code to multiple systems if the situation doesn’t permit the usage of a single system. For each language, a different compiler is needed to be installed. To avoid these drawbacks, a solution is proposed in this paper that is a cloud based cross compiler. The user would be given an option to select the language in which he wants to compile the program. The software will compile the program and return the output to the user. It reduces the problem of storage space and portability by using the cloud computing. The ability to used different compilers allows the user to choose the fastest compiler to compile the code. Also, the trouble of installing a compiler on each computer is avoided. This paper would be implementing a private cloud on which the software will be hosted. The software would be provided to the end user using a PaaS cloud.

Keywords: Cloud computing, private cloud, PaaS, web-services.