Abstract: In current era the multitouch interfaces interactions with computing devices are changing fastly. The common problems related to users for user authentication are selecting weak textual passwords or forgetting password [1]. Hence we studied gesture based multitouch authentication system. Multitouch gestures based on the movement characteristics of the palmand fingertips being used to perform the gesture[1]. We studied a various techniques to verify multi-touch gesture templates. With score-based classifiers where only the first five samples of a good subject were considered as templates, author achieved4.46 % EER [1]. Further, with the combination of three commonly used gestures likepinch, zoom, and rotate, using more than one finger, 1.58% EER was achieved[1].Touch and multi-touch gestures are the most common way to interact with technology such as smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices[1].

Keywords: Finger-tracking, Android Operating system, Eclipse, Gesture, Normalization.