Abstract: Today, People can do almost everything online (banking, shopping, storing and sharing personal information). To access these services in the most secured manner is very critical. Many authentication methods are available such as username and password, barcode, finger print and face detection. But these methods have some advantages as well as disadvantages. Username and password are not providing security; fingerprints and face identity are the methods which are very costly and not affordable by common users. To overcome all the drawbacks the QR code is introduced. QR code has many applications. QR codes are used in banking transactions for security; it provides more security than barcode. The QR code stores complex password. QR code can be scanned using smart phones. When a user opts for online banking transaction he opens the bank website. On the same page, QR code is displayed after registration, user can scan the QR code image with a scanner. A string is generated after scanning. For authenticating user, IEMI no. of phone is used. The multilevel security is used in this application; therefore this system is very secured method for online transaction than existing system.

Keywords: Barcode, QR code, IMEI no., Finger Print.