Abstract: In this real world the Cloud Computing, has develop a possible key for sharing Computing resources. Though it has distributing Computing service slightly than having native servers or individual devices to control applications, there are durable protection anxieties in management data. The current system are constructed with rough security ideas but it has some problems. The ideas are similar discrete responsibility, demonstrable data ownership, Third Party Inspecting are secure but it has some issues. To provide enough security in public Cloud a little research has been made on previous idea we suggest a new outline recognized as uniqueness established data handling and data checking in public Cloud which feats the welfares of quantum mechanisms to shelter public database. We took some reference in which rough public Cloud server, owner and client are provided with secure connection with our projected idea which uses arbitrary oracle model. Our logical learning has both achievement and disappointment rates with isolated and common Clouds respectively. Many customers would like to accumulate their information to common Cloud servers laterally with the quick growth of Cloud Computing. New safety issue have to be resolved in order to support more customers process their data in common Cloud.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Management Data, Data handling.