Abstract: The majority of patients in the hospital are non-ambulatory and would benefit from predictive and personalized monitoring system. Technology plays the major role in healthcare not only for sensory devices but also in communication, recording and display device. It is very important to monitor various medical parameters and post operational days. Hence the latest trend in Healthcare communication method using IOT is adapted. Internet of things serves as a catalyst for the healthcare and plays prominent role in wide range of healthcare applications. In this project the AVR-328 microcontroller(Arduino board) is used as a gateway to communicate to the various sensors such as temperature sensor, heartbeat sensor, ECG sensor, sensor for keeping a track of drip levels(blood or saline). The microcontroller picks up the sensor data and sends it to the network through Wi-Fi and hence provides real time monitoring of the health care parameters for doctors. The data can be accessed anytime by the doctor. The controller is also connected with buzzer to alert the caretaker about variation in sensor output. At the time of extremity situation alert message is sent to the doctor through the android application connected to the cloud server. Hence quick provisional medication can be easily done by this system. Also an additional subsystem is provided for prediction of heart disease for the patient based on his/her health parameters. This system is efficient with low power consumption capability, easy setup, high performance and time to time response.

Keywords: IOT (Internet Of Things), Data mining, Arduino kit, Health Parameters, Cloud storage, Motion detection, Heart Disease Prediction.