Abstract: Interactive Voice Response Kiosk is built using artificial algorithms that analyses userís queries and understand userís message. In our case, we're using the bot for college purposes - to answer the queries of the student based on web system. Students or any visitor or faculty just has to query through the bot which is used for chatting. Students can chat using any format, there is no specific format the user has to follow. The System uses built in artificial intelligence to answer the query. The answers are appropriate to what the user queries. The User can query any college related activities through the system - be it academic, extra-curricular activities, sports, results, certified courses etc. The user does not have to personally go to the college for enquiry. The System analyses the question and then answers to the user. The system answers to the query as if it is answered by the person. With the help of artificial intelligence, the system answers the query asked by the students. The system replies using an effective Graphical user interface. The student & faculty just has to register himself to the system and has to login to the system. After login, they can have access to the various helping pages the bot through which the students can chat by asking queries related to college activities. The project also provides another two tabs called Visitor & Parent. The visitor just has to go the visitor tab and get the visitor slip printed. The visitor has to fill all the details asked & then save it. Unless itís saved, the slip cannot be printed. The functionality of the parent is the same as that of the student. The only difference is that the parent does not login. It just asked the queries. But for that, the parent has to go to the respective tab. If the parent wants to meet someone, then it becomes the visitor. So the parent will have to print the receipt after asking the required question. The student can query about the college related activities online with the help of this web app.

Keywords: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.