Abstract: In every educational institute, government offices printing play a major role. Now a day, printing is easy task because of the different printing machines available in the market. Printing requires human efforts so the system is semi- automatic. Printing at public places where beneficiary has to pay for printing, is still vastly dependent on the operator i.e. manual help. Also it is difficult to print the pages during rush time period which causes further time delay. To avoid the manual help in paying charges for printing and delay in printing, we are designing the standalone automated printing system which will deliver prints to authenticated user without any manual help other than user himself/herself. Every task from taking printouts to paying the charges for the printing will be done without any help from operator. For security purpose and to avoid misuse of system, authentication is necessary part. To avoid counterfeiting of currency while depositing the money, fake currency detection module will be needed. In this paper we are reviewing the authentication, technique of currency detection and the automated printing system designed in the past.

Keywords: Authentication, automation, fake currency detection, printing, standalone.