Abstract: Big Data is relatively a new concept and a lot of definitions have been given to it by researchers, organizations and individuals. To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power and analytics capabilities. One of the field dealing with such vast data is the education system for which various applications for processing, classifying and so on has been implemented. Various works include classification of student data to evaluate the performance of the student, Predictive Analytics in Higher Education, Mining Social Media Data for Understanding Studentsí Learning Experiences, evaluating and predicting student performance before admission to the college as well as evaluating the suitability of the entry exams. An educational institution needs to have an approximate prior knowledge of the students performance and admittance in future studies. Taking reference of the earlier works, the proposed system looks into the academic scores of the students and classifies the students on the basis of their scores to various universities, the system can be used to determine the chance of getting admission to particular university as well. The algorithm for building the decision tree, which is an intermediate module is ID3.The system is developed in MapReduce framework which can easily handle the processing of huge dataset.

Keywords: Classification, ID3, Big data, Fuzzy rule Hadoop, Mapreduce, Decision tree.