Abstract: This paper aims to present a multi-agent based system for monitoring nodes in network environment. The models developed for the proposed system defines certain deliberative agents that interact together in order to achieve the objectives and requirements of the multi-agent organization, and integration of fault services, security services and configuration services in a single solution platform. The developed model tends to resolve certain challenges like port conflict, hard disk space, memory consumption, and most especially interoperability issue faced by network administrators with respect to installing more than one network monitoring application to monitor and manage a network environment. The proposed multi-agent based network monitor was developed using Core Java, HTML, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), JavaScript, JQuery, and MySQL. The developed system was rated highest amongst five different off-the-shelve network based application after system evaluation was conducted.The proposed system is recommended for usage in any local area network.

Keywords: LAN, Multi-agent system, Network monitor, fault, intrusion, configuration.