Abstract: The movement of messenger molecules in molecular communication via diffusion (MCvD) follows Gaussian distribution function. Due to the nature of random movement of information molecules (or messenger molecules), one of the key challenges is to reduce inter- symbol interference (ISI) that results from the response of diffusion process occurs in Gaussian distribution channel. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a new Poisson distribution channel model for molecular communication which is a novel solution to improve the system reliability and to reduce the impact of ISI. In this approach, now the randomly propagating messenger molecules follow Poisson distribution function. This paper analyzes and compares these two approximations of the binomial distribution of propagating molecules in 3-D MCvD system. We investigate either Poisson or Gaussian channel model is better in terms of ISI, Symbol Error Rate (SER), and communication delay via numerical simulations.

Keywords: Molecular Communication via Diffusion (MCvD), Ligand-Receptor Binding Process (LRBP), binomial, Gaussian, Poisson, Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN).