Abstract: Currently predictable secret word patterns are susceptible to dictionary attacks, eves dropping and shoulder surfing, numerous shoulder surfing unaffected graphical password patterns proposed. On the other hand, Textual passwords are the utmost public technique used for authentication. There are several graphical password schemes that are planned in the past years. A maximum users are used word-based passwords than untainted graphical passwords, word-based or character based graphical password schemes have been proposed. Regrettably, none of existing schemes are create a graphical gauze to resisting the impersonation. In this paper, we propose an improved mainly text-based or character based shoulder surfing resistant and other attacks like eves dropping, dictionary attacks, and social engineering resistant graphical gauze by using colors. In the projected scheme, the operator can strongly, simply and professionally login system and examine the security and usability of the planned system and show the resistance of the proposed scheme to unintended login.

Keywords: Authentication, shoulder surfing, Gauze, Impersonation.