Abstract: Our mission is to design a system to manage the railway gate at the level crossing and switching mechanism for changing the track at railway station. The range of accidents associated with railway is increasing day by day, the above automations will reduce these accidents to a far extra volume. This project employs two pair of Infrared (IR) sensors, one pair of IR sensor is used to govern the railway gate and the other pair of IR sensor is used to switch the railway track according to the requirement .Track switching can be achieved by using the electromagnetic circuit or placing the motor arrangement. IR sensors are used to experience the appearance and departure of the train. As the entire system is automatic errors taking place due to manual operation are averted due to the fact the accuracy of automated operation is more than the manned operation. Our mission is advanced on an embedded system and the usage of a microcontroller as a controlling unit.

Keywords: Infrared (IR) sensor, microcontroller, Limit switch, Railway gate and track switching.