Abstract: Wireless technology has shown an advance improvement and is rapidly growing making the life of mankind much easier and feasible. The Wi-Fi plays a major role in the wireless power transmission in this paper. The range of a Wi-Fi is wider compared to other wireless transmitters such as Bluetooth. WI-MOB uses ESP8266 module which is a combination of antenna, voltage regulator and filters. This module is followed by an amplifier which is used to boost the signal in order to meet the required range of voltage. Wi-Fi signal frequency varies between 2.4GHz or 5GHz which is detected and captured by the PCB antenna being used. The received signal does not meet our expected values hence we amplify the signal using a boost circuit and then connect it to the cell phone. The Cell phone starts charging when it is paired with the available Wi-Fi router in the vicinity.

Keywords: RF module, PCB antenna, Voltage regulator, WiFi.