Abstract: When the image data are regularly changed, existing image encryption algorithm is easy to be decrypted. In modern technology encryption of data is necessary to provide security when it is transmitted and stored in internet world. To employ this we are using different types of encryption algorithms such as AES, DES, and 3DES and also Blow Fish which are common. These encryption techniques does not provide more security when are used in real time encryption process. In this we use a new algorithm called Chinese Reminder Theorem along with compression which helps in encrypting the data and secure it from unauthorized access. Along with chaos based mapping, Chinese remainder theorem (CRT) which is used long with compression of an image along with Fibonacci series is also used. In order to improve the security of encryption algorithm, this paper proposes an image encryption algorithm based on chaotic mapping and Chinese remainder theorem. The encryption algorithm is divided into pixel scrambling and image diffusion. Firstly, the Chebyshev mapping is used to generate a chaotic sequence, which is used to scramble the image pixel bit value. Then, the pixel position is scrambled by formula. Finally, the scrambled image is substantially changed by the application of the Chinese Remainder Theorem with compression and Fibonacci series. Simulation results show that, compared with other typical encryption algorithm, the proposed encryption algorithm has better effect on the key sensitivity, histogram statistics, information entropy analysis and correlation analysis.

Keywords: Chebyshev Chaotic Mapping, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Fibonacci series, Compression, Pixel scrambling, Image diffusion.