Abstract: The main aim of the project proposes high voltage DC generation using Marx generator precept that uses MOSFET alongside capacitor stacks. The Marx precept turned into brought with the aid of Erwin Otto Marx. The principle includes producing a pulse of excessive voltage with the aid of the usage of some of capacitors parallely in an effort to charge up to on time after which installation in connection collection to develop an excessive voltage for the duration of the off length. The machine is used inside the method of era of in Kvís for actual time checking out to be finished on electrical equipment insulation effectiveness to be placed up on strength carriers. The system includes 4 stages such that everyone is made up from diodes, one MOSFET in conjunction with one capacitor. Diodes are used in capacitor charging at every stage and MOSFET is used as a transfer to keep away from power losses. The capacitors are charged in parallel in the course of the ON time using 555 timer. The capacitors are delivered in a sequence the use of MOSFET switches in the course of the OFF time. Our challenge offers a compact and smooth device from a DC deliver of 12 V to get an approx (36-40) Volts.

Keywords: IC555, Opto coupler, MOSFET, Marx generator.