Abstract: The issue of routing in multi-hop wireless networks, to achieve high end-to-end throughput, it is difficult to find the optimal path from the source node to the destination node. Although a large number of routing protocols have been implemented to find the path with minimum transmission time for sending a single packet, such transmission time reduces protocols cannot be guaranteed to achieve high end-to-end throughput. Spatial reusability aware routing in multi hop wireless network is featured by considering spatial reusability of the wireless communication media. Spatial reusability-aware single-path routes and any path routing protocols, and compare them with existing single-path routing and any path routing protocols, respectively. Our evaluation results demonstrate that our protocols significantly improve the end-to-end throughput compared with existing protocols. Resource allocation algorithm is inquired to maximize the energy efficiency (EE) in multiuser decode-and-forward (DF) relay interference networks.

Keywords: Routing, wireless network, Hop to Hop to communication.