Abstract: A System can be defined as an arrangement in which all units assemble and work together according to a program or plan. An embedded system is a system that has software embedded into computer-hardware, which makes a system dedicated for an application or specific part of an application or product or part of a larger system. Today Embedded systems are used in real-time computing applications like temperature sensing, environmental gas sensing, medical applications, automotive, military applications etc…Embedded systems may or may not have user interface. In systems dedicated only to one task, there is no user interface provided. In this paper we have developed an embedded system with an android interface. The android application developed by us is capable of wirelessly monitoring real-time sensor values. In the previous paper titled “Practical Implementation of Real-time Sensing of Sensor values using Android Applicaion-1” we had tested our Third party developed Android application with numerous sensors-LPG sensors, Alcohol sensing, Range detection using ultrasonic sensors and Temperature-Humidity sensing. In this paper we are applying the embedded system design to many other sensors like CO, CO2 and SO2 sensors; IR sensors and Pressure sensors.

Keywords: real-time computing applications, user interface, Third party developed Android application, CO, CO2 and SO2 sensors, IR sensors and Pressure sensors.