Abstract: We have reviewed various paper such as “Stabilization of dispersion-managed solitons in random optical fibers by strong dispersion management” and “Simulative analysis of dispersion managed solitons for Long-haul optical communication system”. They have investigated the stability of DM solitons that is based on a technique of separation of scales. It provides a fast and efficient way to compute all relevant quantities. They have given precise asymptotic expressions for the widths and chirps of the stable solitons, as well as conditions for their stabilities in homogeneous and inhomogeneous media. The solitons corresponding to strong dispersion managements are more stable with respect to the influence of random fluctuations of the chromatic dispersion than the solitons corresponding to weak dispersion managements. The other paper gives the design, implementation and performance analysis of a dispersion managed soliton link. The soliton transmission is very attractive as a potential method for realizing high-speed, long distance communication. The performance analysis includes 3D diagram, dispersion mapping and optical spectrum analysis. Analysis shows that by using dispersion compensated fiber and periodic amplification with EDFA, soliton based data transmission with least error is possible.

Keywords: Solitons, Dispersion Compensation, Amplifiers, Dispersion-managed Soliton, Random Dispersion.