Abstract: There is a problem of finding query facets or angles that is a particular aspect or feature of something which are multiple groups of words or phrases that explain and summarize th content covered by a query. Query facets provide interesting and useful knowledge about a query and thus can be used to improve search experiences in many ways. First, we can display query facets together with the original search results in an appropriate way. Second, query facets may provide direct information or instant answers that users are seeking. Third, query facets may also be used to improve the diversity of the ten blue links. It is an assumption that the important aspects of a query are usually presented and repeated in the query’s top retrieved documents in the style of lists, and query facets can be mined out by aggregating these significant lists. This can be solved by automatically mine query facets by extracting and grouping frequent lists from free text, HTML tags, and repeat regions within top search results.Then a large number of lists do exist and useful query angles can be mined.

Keywords: Facets, Mining, Query, Web page, HTML.