Abstract: The appeal of acquiring ambient knowledge to build smart environment results in a discovery of new intelligent devices which have overall abilities of sensing, computation and communication. Through precocious networking protocols, these devices are interconnected to each other and form Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Routing is gargantuan task in terms of wireless sensor network. A routing protocol for wireless sensor network is different from conspiring it for the traditional networks. Traditional wireless routing protocols do not adapt well to the dynamic wireless environment variations. Hence, these protocols trigger excessive link-level retransmissions, unthriftiness of network resources, and may even lead to system cataclysm. Opportunistic Routing, however, considers the shared wireless medium as an opportunity rather than a limitation. In fact, the key idea behind opportunistic routing is to overcome the drawback of unreliable wireless transmission by taking advantage of the broadcast nature of the wireless medium. The problem arising is of energy optimization in network and if energy is managed, lifetime for the network is enhanced. Thus, we bring the enhanced ENS_OR algorithm, the advanced version of ENS_OR which include wakeup schedule in it. The Enhanced ENS_OR satisfies both metrics manages energy as well as prolong the network lifetime also.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Opportunistic Routing Protocol, Enhanced ENS_OR, Wakeup schedule.