Abstract: IoT is a platform which offers various applications in different fields. IoT provides an important contribution in the field of healthcare, its principles and properties are already being applied to improve access to healthcare, improve the quality of healthcare and most importantly reduce the cost of system. The technology is used for gathering, analyzing and transmitting data in the IoT continues to new innovative healthcare applications and systems. Wireless devices are involved in medical area with a wide range of capability. To monitor the patientís health details in periodic interval is necessary in existing technologies. To overcome this we have changed recent wireless sensor technologies. In general different sensors are used to gather patientís medical information without being injecting inside the body by this we are achieving monitoring and data gathering of patients. There is no need for doctor to visit patient periodically. IoT provides new applications as well as efficient systems which helps to make an integrated healthcare system. The system provides better capability, healthcare system and costs are also reduced. Treatment outcomes are also improved.

Keywords: IoT, wireless sensor, integrated healthcare system.